From Idea to Profit. Fast.

Onshore speed, single-source accountability, comprehensive program management, and clear, direct communication accelerate every step in getting your product ready to sell and deliver to your customers.

Compress time,
Shrink your supply chain,
Reduce risk.

Design, engineer, tool, optimize production and make your product: our single-source bundle of best-of-breed resources covers lets you sprint to market with confidence. No surprises.

Focus on Building Your Business
and Serving Your Customers

The Velocity Group’s lean end-to-end development and production processes allow you to focus your time and financial investments where they will give you the biggest and fastest returns.

Making Concepts REAL. FAST.

The Velocity Group is transforming the way concepts are developed and produced, avoiding the pitfalls and “horror stories” of off-shore development while making innovation profitable in a fraction of the time previously required. You’ll get best-in-class onshore design, development and production resources, fully integrated to reduce the time and cost of turning your ideas into reality. We can develop your concepts from concept to full production in as little as 6 to 9 months vs. 20 to 24 months if you are dealing with off shore firms. That could translate into an extra year and a half of profits, dramatically reduce your ROI time.

We’ll Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders While You Focus On What You Do Best

Instead of working with several entities for each phase of the project, you deal with one resource. Each Velocity Group project is assigned a designated program manager to provide single-source visibility and accountability—from project inception to completion—so you can relax and concentrate on growing your business and serving your customers.