April 2015

Velocity Group Announces Achievement of ISO 13485 Certification for the Production of Medical Devices

April 27, 2015
Velocity Logo_ISO

MASON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Velocity Group, a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing organization specializing in accelerated on-shore services, announces that they have achieved ISO 13485 certification for the production of medical devices.

To achieve this standard, a company must demonstrate its ability to manufacture medical devices and provide related services that consistently meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. Read more…


Blog: Wearable Technology

April 13, 2015

Is smart clothing the next big thing in wearable technology?

The latest craze in consumer technology is easily wearable devices. This was made very clear with the pre-release of the Apple watch when one million Americans stayed up way past their bedtime so that they could be among the first to put their names on the experience this next-level, high-tech gadget.
Wearables have become a familiar addition to our everyday life. Even if you don’t coin yourself as particularly “tech-savvy,” it’s safe to say that you have at least heard of the Fitbit or Google glasses, all of which are truly innovative and surely add much value and convenience to their users.
So the big question is: What wearables should we keep our eyes out for this year? Read more…