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The Velocity Group has a single goal: to turn your concepts into reality while dramatically reducing your time to profit.

We’re a strategic alliance of world-class design, engineering, supply chain, project management, ISO-certified lean manufacturing and software development organizations united under common ownership. With nearly seven decades of organizational experience, our exceptional group brings together an accomplished staff of innovative engineers backed by the latest state-of-the-art technology and processes.

By uniting these capabilities into a fully-integrated team, we’re able to deliver a seamless range of services tailored to your unique projects and priorities. Our success is measured by the success of your project. Call on us to provide a complete solution or accelerate any stage of your process, from concept to production and distribution.


Our Mission

The Velocity Group is transforming the way concepts are developed into products and produced.

We help our clients accelerate the time from idea to profit by providing single-source accountability for, and management of, the entire range of resources needed to bring concepts to profitable, market-ready products, to scale up for manufacturing and to produce them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Perspective

We believe that innovation can be accelerated by leveraging best-in-class onshore design, development, and production resources to reduce both the time and cost of traditional development approaches.

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Our Organization


ISO Certification

Velocity Concept Development Group, LLC:

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