How We Do It

One Point of Contact from Concept to Profit

Single-source accountability drives every aspect of the Velocity Group’s acceleration process, which is specifically designed to maximize speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Your project will be assigned a designated project manager to provide a reliable, single point of contact for everything our initiative can do, including:

  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Productizing
  • Global Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Software Development


Holistic Approach

Our process is integrated from end-to-end to help you produce your concept as quickly as possible while minimizing your out-of-pocket cost. All of our engineers — from the concept development team, prototyping and production group to the software development experts — work together to make sure your product is developed efficiently and has the best possible opportunities for market success.

Here’s a quick rundown of the stages we can guide you through. The services we provide involve every element necessary to bring your idea to life. We also offer these services as needed to fit your particular circumstances. We understand that you have some of this work already done or wish to perform portions of the project with your internal resources. No problem. You can jump in at any point.




We begin with a proven fast-track research phase that enables faster time to production. In just 6–8 weeks, we can do a comprehensive analysis to ensure there’s a market need for your product, understand how your target audience is most likely to use it, review appropriate safety, electrical and other relevant standards and government regulations, and map out a plan for lean, efficient production. This discovery phase also anticipates possible product stability and labor issues to protect you from costly surprises later on.


Ergonomic Assessment

Our team reviews the characteristics that will make your product user-friendly and makes recommendations to enhance its usability.



Once we have a full understanding of the product and its market, we’ll develop a full blueprint, including any aesthetic or industrial design, electronic, mechanical, or software development that may be required.



You’ll get prompt, functional models to assess ergonomics and product behavior.



Once your design is in place, we’ll assess your product requirements, conduct early testing, and prepare a plan to move to production. . Need a production model to secure a patent? It’s easy for our team to do short runs of production-quality pieces.



Finally, we can produce your product using the most advanced Lean Manufacturing and quality processes in our own on-shore plants.


Under the direction of your program manager, our research, development and engineering teams are accountable through the process and will guide you to make sure that you get the highest quality product that fits your budget and that it is ready on time. Our holistic approach delivers the results you need.


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Acceleration Process

By providing a fully-integrated onshore solution from concept to production, we’re typically able to cut your time to profit substantially compared to traditional methods. In addition, our team is constantly looking for ways to reduce your costs by improving production efficiency, simplifying complex components, or improving the quality of your product.

What offshore providers typically do in 20–24 months, Velocity Group can deliver in just 6–9 months at a competitive cost and superior quality. And because our production resources are right here in the USA, you won’t incur the time and cost of international shipping delaying your return on investment. The efficiency comes from the initial Design for X: design for reliability, assembly, manufacturability, serviceability and logistics.


Quality Assurance

Our integrated engineering teams perform world-class quality control at every stage of the process, from concept development to final production. Robust testing methodologies run deeply throughout our DNA and are automated when practical, ensuring that your product can meet the most rigorous performance and reliability standards and deliver a superior experience to your buyers.

Best of all, this approach doesn’t just deliver exceptional quality—it saves you money by minimizing costly troubleshooting delays. Unlike traditional production workflows, which must coordinate multiple organizations (often in different countries), our integrated in-house team can tackle any last-minute surprises with maximum speed and efficiency.


World-Class Capabilities

Our team combines formal education—many have Master’s Degrees or are Ph. D.s with world-class experience working in and for the most demanding industrial and consumer products companies in the world. Building on this collective knowledge-base we continually invest in ongoing training and educational programs to keep our team at the cutting edge. Members of our team have recently served as expert presenters in Advanced Manufacturing symposiums in the US and in Europe and at conferences and forums sponsored by IBM, Intel and leading universities. With deep Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt competencies, we have assembled a diverse team of proven experts with an extraordinary legacy in product development and research.

These veteran professionals are equipped with advanced engineering technology and materials, from the latest 3-D modeling software and 3D printers to laser imaging, and robotic test rigs.