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Velocity Group Member Company announces new name!

Leyshon Miller Industries, LLC of the Velocity Group will continue to grow under a new name- Velocity Concept Development Group.

OCTOBER 15, 2014 – The Velocity Group announces that member company Leyshon Miller Industries, LLC, which provides a complete range of product development and production services from their Cambridge and Byesville, Ohio facilities will continue their operations under a new name- Velocity Concept Development Group, LLC.

“The North American technology sector has gone through a significant transformation in the past few years.” said Bill Jarvis, Velocity Group President and COO. “The new identity has to satisfy all of the current expectations of what our original value proposition stands for while moving this brand forward to recognize the maturity, functionality, and diversity of the services offered.”

The stated goal of this new, cutting-edge business is to transform the way concepts are developed and produced quickly and cost-effectively by helping clients avoid the pitfalls of off-shore development while making innovation profitable in a fraction of the time previously required.

For the local economy this means even more significant job growth with a larger scale of projects coming in, and new revenue. The company has added more than 80 jobs in the past three years and will be hiring more people in the future in Cambridge and Byesville, Ohio facilities to accommodate the growth.

“We are committed to bring high quality manufacturing back to the United States so our clients can take a full advantage of strategic alliance of world-class design, engineering, supply chain, project management and ISO-certified lean manufacturing organizations united under common ownership,” said Kent Savage, CEO of Velocity Group. “Velocity Concept Development Group is a vital member of this alliance which helps the clients go from concept to full production in as little as 6 to 9 months versus the 20 to 24 month time-frame.”


The Velocity Group is proving that innovation can be accelerated by leveraging best-in-class onshore design, development, and production resources to reduce both the time and cost of traditional development approaches. The company has accelerated projects across a wide spectrum of concept, development, and production needs and it has assembled an expert in-house staff right here in the US who can handle the most demanding projects in record time.

To learn more about The Velocity Group and the services the company offers, visit velocityfast.com