Customer Spotlight: SafeCharge
Streamlining Assembly Processes

Learn how Velocity Group helped SafeCharge resolve production issues and focus on driving growth. Read more

From Idea to Profit. Fast.

Onshore speed, single-source accountability, comprehensive program management, and clear, direct communication accelerate every step in getting your product ready to sell and deliver to your customers.

Focus on Building Your Business
and Serving Your Customers

The Velocity Group’s lean end-to-end development and production processes allow you to focus your time and financial investments where they will give you the biggest and fastest returns.

Full-Service Contract Manufacturing Partner

Comprehensive Portfolio of Capabilities

Velocity Group is the one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. Our four sites located throughout Ohio offer machining, tooling, injection molding, and assembly services to customers from coast to coast. We specialize in complex parts, challenging materials, and low volume projects. Visit our Services pages to learn how we can help make your next project a success.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Capabilities

Why rely on a single-source vendor?

In a traditional multi-vendor approach redesign/rework as your project transitions vendors at each phase of the product development cycle, leading to wasted time and cost. At the Velocity Group, we eliminate this waste with single source accountability and 100% domestic operations, getting your product to market faster and at a lower total cost.