With 100% domestic operations, dedicated project management, a broad portfolio of capabilities, and a commitment to lean manufacturing principles, Velocity Group is the partner you can rely on. We eliminate the complexities and risks associated with managing offshore suppliers, enabling you to bring your products to market swiftly and efficiently

At Velocity Group, we strongly believe in the benefits of onshoring for our clients. Here’s why choosing onshore manufacturing services with us makes sense:

Reaction Time:  We understand that the challenges you face are ever changing, we are dedicated to adapting as your markets and requirements change and making these adjustments with speed and confidence.  Our single point of contact  approach allows you to make one phone call to the Project Manager assigned to you for any and all request during all phases of your project. 

Greater Flexibility: By assembling products in the USA, businesses gain greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand, custom orders, or unexpected events like supply chain disruptions. This agility allows companies to adapt quickly to market conditions, reducing the risk of excess inventory or missed opportunities.

Faster Turnaround Time: Assembling products in the USA leads to faster turnaround times due to shorter shipping distances and reduced transit times. By minimizing logistical complexities, businesses can get their products to market swiftly, improving competitiveness and profitability.

Ethical Considerations: Onshoring can be an ethical choice for companies that value fair labor practices and environmentally responsible manufacturing. By producing products domestically, businesses can ensure that workers are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. Additionally, onshore manufacturing allows for greater control over environmental standards, promoting sustainable practices.

Economic Benefits: Assembling products in the USA brings significant economic advantages for businesses and the wider community. By creating jobs and supporting local supply chains, companies contribute to the growth and stability of their local economy. Moreover, keeping production onshore reduces the risk of tariffs, currency fluctuations, and other economic uncertainties associated with international trade.

Quality Control: When products are assembled in the USA, it is easier to implement and maintain strict quality control measures. This ensures that the finished products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Maintaining quality control can be more challenging when relying on overseas manufacturing.

Peace of Mind and Efficiency: Being located in Ohio, Velocity Group offers easy accessibility from anywhere in the USA. Our onshore presence removes the barriers of language, cultural differences, and time zones that often add friction to off-shore contract manufacturing relationships. When face-to-face interactions are necessary, we are readily available for visits, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of international travel.

Choose Velocity Group for Reliable Onshore Manufacturing Solutions

With our fast, responsive, and customer-centric service, combined with 100% domestic operations, dedicated project management, a broad portfolio of capabilities, and lean manufacturing practices, Velocity Group is the ideal choice to turn your product concepts into revenue swiftly. Trust us to deliver tailored onshore manufacturing programs that meet your individual needs, ensuring efficiency, quality, and peace of mind throughout the production process.