January 2, 2018 By admin

Manufacturing companies form collaborative for advancing product development capabilities

A group of manufacturing services companies said today they created a collaboration, called the Medical Device Development Collaborative, to help improve access to a full range of product development capabilities for concept-to-market solutions.

The collaboration is based in the Medical Alley region and aims to help small to mid-size OEMs by offering experience and expertise to bring design concepts to life.

The MD2C said it will look to help companies through the entire product development concept including design, prototyping, part fabrication, quality assurance, FDA regulatory approval, assembly and project management services.

Companies that are a part of the collaboration include Intelligent Product Solutions, Borderless Compliance, South Dakota Partners, Protoduction and Velocity Group.

“Collectively, the MD2C has a deep understanding of the many challenges associated with getting a project up and running, keeping it on track, and controlling costs,” Tim O’Brien, VP of sales at Intelligent Product Solutions, said in a press release. “By strategically partnering with OEMs for both business guidance and product development expertise, the Collaborative can deliver the highest quality, service and value in bringing new medical devices to market.”

MD2C said it will partner with OEMs to build project teams based on specific needs and requirements.

“The Medical Device Development Collaborative and the Medical Alley Association share a common goal to improve the quality of health,” Shaye Mandle, president and CEO of Medical Alley Association, said. “By providing the breadth of integrated manufacturing capabilities to OEMs, the MD2C is helping to advance this cause by bringing new and innovative medical devices to market.”