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PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the Medical Device Development Collaborative (MD2C)

Partners with OEMs to bring new medical devices to market with tailored and integrated design to manufacturing solutions

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medical device OEMs today are challenged by accessing the full range of product development capabilities necessary to advance new solutions from concept to market. To meet this challenge, a dedicated group of leading manufacturing services companies has formed the Medical Device Development Collaborative (MD2C.) Anchored in the Medical Alley region, a recognized hub for medical device development and innovation, the MD2C helps small to mid-size OEMs turn concepts into a reality by offering deep experience and expertise throughout the entire product development continuum including design, rapid prototyping, part fabrication, quality assurance, FDA regulatory approval, assembly, and project management services. Read more…


PRESS RELEASE: Beyond 3D printing – Velocity Group Expands Offering of Design, Prototyping, Product Development & Production Service Suite

CINCINNATI–3D printing enables an easy transformation of digital designs into functional models. However, online rapid prototyping companies offer only limited design and engineering support, especially for complex products. Their narrow focus leaves many OEMs struggling to understand how to go from printed parts to a manufactured product. In response, Velocity Group launched its online 3D printing service to give OEMs easier access to full-service product development and production support.  Read more…


The Challenges and Real Cost of Offshore Manufacturing

For high volume manufacturing, the low cost and readily accessible labor pool from offshore manufacturing is a key advantage for many companies. However, as technology drives increased customization, shorter production runs, and a move to an extensible platform based product families, the advantages begin to disappear for a growing population of companies with low to medium volume production requirements.

These smaller programs face several key challenges when looking overseas for a contract manufacturer, including the requirement to guarantee large order quantities. If they do find a willing vendor, the US-based OEM will have to bear the full cost and risk of poor quality from the lack of standards and processes, as well as administrative overhead from language, culture, and time zone differences. With each of these challenges, the total cost and time-to-market begin to rise. Add in the requirement for upfront payment of fees and production costs and many companies start to get locked into a bad situation. The window of opportunity for product launch begins to fade, your competition beats you to market, and the opportunity is lost. Read more…


Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems, The Ecosystem Series – Data Processing

This post represents the first in a series, as Velocity Group continues to map the evolving commercial UAS competitive landscape.  Company categories are not intended to be all encompassing but should provide a good idea regarding the scope and breadth of companies competing in given market areas.

Over time Velocity Group will examine and list known competitors with primary core competencies in: Read more…


AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017: Evolutions

Drone Driven to Requirements Driven

What was once perceptible is now palpable.  True, industrial Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) end users are beginning to demand more from the “air” portion of the UAS.  Industrial use-case differences in concepts of operations, operating environments and divergent data needs are creating a better environment for custom drone solutions.  Users are recognizing that both the drone and the data flowing from it can be organizational force multipliers. However, this information is not always actionable or available to service providers or industrial end users purchasing drones from well-established concerns.  Look for drone design to look like a “demand pull” from the end users rather than a “command push” from drone manufacturers. Read more…


XPONENTIAL 2017: Toward Open and Strong Commercial UAS Markets

On the cusp of AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2017 in Dallas, there are perceptible shifts taking place that – over time – will positively alter commercial UAS market dynamics.

Systems of Systems:

The industrial portions of commercial UAS markets are establishing themselves by assembling “art-of-the-possible” systems and optimizing these systems on the fly for specific vertical markets.  There are bottlenecks from collection to processing to delivery, and these weaknesses are being worked with the desired end states being increased mission-capable rates and time to information. Read more…


Velocity Group to Exhibit at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2017, World’s Largest Tradeshow for Unmanned Systems

Cincinnati, OH, USA – Velocity Group, a full-service onshore product development and rapid time-to-market firm, will showcase its drone design and manufacturing expertise at XPONENTIAL 2017. Held May 8th to 11th in Dallas, Texas, it’s the largest tradeshow for unmanned systems and robotics bringing together over 7,000 commercial and defense buyers from across the entire unmanned ecosystems. As an exhibitor, Velocity Group is looking forward to an experience of unrivaled networking opportunities and sharing leading-edge technology, discoveries, and knowledge for the year ahead.

Velocity Group will not only be a first-time exhibitor at this year’s tradeshow, but they have organized the highly anticipated Drone Design: Enabling Longevity and Market Acceptance Through Design Methodology panel which will include engineering leads from brands like Intel, Measure, Oceaneering, Puget Sound Energy, and Duke Energy. Read more…


Optimizing The Injection Molding Process

It is often asked what variables of an injection molding process should be monitored or controlled to achieve and maintain part quality. From the plastics perspective, only 4 variables need to be considered. Any deviation of these 4 variables will indicate a variation in part dimension, weight and even cosmetics such as gloss. These 4 variables include plastic temperature, plastic pressure, plastic cooling rate and plastic injection rate. These variables must be observed inside the mold since this is where the part resides. Variables outside the mold such as machine settings are secondary to the 4 primary plastic variables. The machine parameters are numerous. Consistent machine variables only indicate a healthy machine and can be deceptive when they are used to measure the symptoms of the parts being molded. Variations in the plastic polymer, mold mechanics and weather will affect the 4 primary plastic variables and will go unnoticed if only the health of the machine is being monitored. Read more…


UAS Market Revolution and the Natural Science of Paradigm Change

The industrial revolution may have unfolded over a period of decades, however, when viewed through the preceding lens of agrarian culture it represented a sudden rending of what was, and a rapid reshaping of the present and future.

On a smaller scale presently, we witness a similar reading and reshaping cycle within the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) marketplace.  UAS enablers including processor speed and power, ubiquitous communications infrastructure, powerful small form factor sensors, immense data storage and retrieval and advanced building materials represent revolutions of their own, worthy of separate and distinct discussion. Read more…


Join us at the 2017 AUVSI XPONENTIAL Show

2017 AUVSI XponentialJoin Velocity Group at the 2017 AUVSI XPONENTIAL: All Things Unmanned.

From May 8th through May 11th, we’ll be at booth 407 in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center.

This show is focused on drones, intelligent robotics, unmanned systems industry and the various equipment and services designed to support it.

Aside from exhibiting, we have been organizing the highly anticipated Drone Design: Enabling Longevity and Market Acceptance Through Design Methodology panel discussion.

If you are still around at 10:30 on May 11th, make sure to stop by booth 3365 to listen to our Business Development Director, Robotics and Unmanned Systems, Ron Stearns give his talk titled, “Commercial UAS: Access, Ecosystem and Market Evolution.” His talk will cover the following subjects:

  • Timing and nature of expanding commercial UAS access to the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS)
  • The types of organizations addressing this market, along with their primary business focus
  • Market transitions, consumer to commercial
  • Business cases based upon geography, existing value streams and varied data requirements

Read more…